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Shortcoder – A plugin for creating your own custom WordPress shortcodes

Shortcoder is a free WordPress plugin for creating your own custom WordPress shortcodes.

It allows anyone to easily include HTML and Javascript snippets in their Markdown web copy.

If like me, you write content for your WordPress site using Markdown, then you’ll probably find this plugin invaluable.

Although the latest version of WordPress includes quite a few shortcodes, there are still HTML and JavaScript features that I often want to incorporate in my blog posts. Shortcoder offers a slick way to do this.

It’s worth mentioning that WordPress sometimes gets confused when I send it a Markdown document that also contains HTML or other code snippets intermingled within it.

Shortcoder helps me stick to writing in pure Markdown syntax, so I don’t have to worry about how WordPress will react when I send it my content.

I have even crafted some useful Editorial workflows/snippets to help me easily form my shortcodes (should I forget their syntax, or if I simply want a quick and effective way of creating one).More on this in another post.

Shortcoder was created by Aakash Chakravarthy.

The Shortcoder wordpress plugin is available for free download from the wordpress plugin directory or from Aakash’s dedicated Shortcoder web page.

Thanks to Aakash for a really useful plugin!

Other Shortcode plugins that may be of interest:

synved-shortcodes – This is an interesting plugin from the aspect of creating pre-defined objects and elements.


How to easily use bookmarklets in Google Chrome for iOS

If you ever wanted to use a bookmarklet in Chrome for iPad, here's how:

How to easily use bookmarklets in Google Chrome for iOS |

A neat trick for using your bookmarklet library in Chrome for iOS, i didn't think it was possible!

This is one thing that has stopped me using Chrome as a research and writing tool.



Video by Dean Jackson about obtaining focus

Focus with ‘The 50-Minute Focus Finder’ on Vimeo

Focus – Tips on finding it

One of the cornerstones of consistent content creation is finding focus. Here’s an interesting video with some techniques and revelations you can use to help find your focus, by Dean Jackson.

With tips on identifying and eliminating distractions, plus strategies and tools for managing and having an awareness of the value of your time.

This 50 Minute Focus Finder video offers real world and pragmatic advise for anyone who struggles to find their Focus.

Dean has plenty of humour to entertain along the way, but he also has a serious, though pragmatic approach to finding your ability to get things done.

Ever worried about how much time you spend checking email or browsing the internet? Dean will help you see how this is damaging your productive capabilities

via The 50-Minute Focus Finder on Vimeo.